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Counting Every Blessing

Hey There! Friends

We are so Blessed! If you are reading allow yourself to enjoy today; put every worry aside; because you have made it just one more day. This morning I woke up Hallelujah! God is so amazing he kept me through the seasons. He's been so good to me. Friends I've been trough some stuff & I'm! We! are still standing. From health to death, from failure to success, from losing to gaining and yet grace still holds its position.

If you're going to do anything today, take time to reflect that maybe your issues are not so bad when compared to someone else going through worse than you. Take time to reflect that the position you're in at this present moment is the process go you becoming the beneficiary of a blessing. The aftermath of that process is the sweetest portion of the benefit. So............

Count your every Blessing! Look how far you've come.

My husband and I went to do some shopping today when we went up to the register  the total was surprising somehow; the price of the groceries has skyrocketed from last week 😕😊. We paid the cashier who was friendly and proceeded to the car.

My husband said.  ''baby! Do you remember when you went to the supermarket with $100.00 and you had a cart full, a month supply of food? I said.  "Oh Yes! But; those days are long gone.

Trying to make sense of the total we had just blasted for 10 items . He said.  "I won't complain because; I remember the days..... When we didn't have enough to make it even to the supermarket''. "We have come a long way". "UMMM hmmmm babe we did" I said.

That's why I appreciate everything; and take nothing for granted. That's why I have learned to count my every blessing and thank God for them all. "Thank you Jesus for all my blessings! You see if you don't take time to reflect on what you have accomplished you won't gain any insight and appreciation to what you will be granted.
James 1:17 King James Version (KJV)
17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
Own your Blessings, stay grateful, be humble, but keep Counting those Blessings.

By the way:  Remember to thank God for them all.

Simply ZsaZsah 

Rend collective   ( I do not own rights to this song)

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