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Teach Me Lord.

Last night before bed. I dimmed the lights in my room, lit my scented candles because it relaxes me and no other reason . And I positioned my body in a still place where I could hear from God. It was so quiet that I could hear every creaking sound my house made. I could hear the wind. Yet God was silent. I waited 1 hour,2 hours ,3 hours still nothing. So I began my usual conversation with God talking to him about my day,my concerns etc. but still God wasn’t speaking.  I believe God wasn’t speaking because he wanted me to hear what I was saying to myself and talking out loud inwardly to him.And as I was listening to myself I realize God wasn’t speaking because he was busy teaching me a lesson. One of patience, one of trust, one of faith, one of humility,and one of surrender. While laying there the scripture Jeremiah 1:11 came to me . Specifically this part when God ask Jeremiah what do you see?But jeremiah responded the branch of an almond tree.Then the Lord  said very well. I am ready