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Are you Dead, Alive, Faithful or Lukewarm?

 Revelation Chapter 3 Synopsis. Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing some challenges and getting some revelations about the church, who we are,  and how we should be towards each other. I acknowledge I have made a few mistakes in the past but I know better now so I will do better. I am forgiven. Wherever I went I was being told about church or speaking about it. Even my Bishop preached a two part sermon about the importance of encouraging each other and how you and I are the church. So I wanted to touch a little on Revelation chapter 3 Let's start here.......................... What is your role in the body of Christ? Where are you in your walk with Christ? Are you growing? What is your Vision or Purpose? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? What is your Ministry? What have you done for God lately? You see Sardis the dead church was categorized as a church that appeared alive but was dead. You know there are some members that will religiously go

Jesus Loves Even You!

Hey Friends; I woke up this morning with this great sense of gratitude. Thankful for my life, thankful for my family, thankful for my friends, thankful for my possessions, thankful for his beautiful life. Just thankful. Thankful for my past and my present.Thankful for the storms I had to endure and the ones I have to survive. I know that there is a God because only he is capable of bringing me through my mess. Look what an elementary mind can do with a passion and a laptop write about the love of God to nations. I am thankful everyday of my life.  I am blessed and so are you. Even right now in your storm God is blessing you. Are you Thankful? Have you taken the time to acknowledge him today? Right now wherever you are he is able. God will see you through and even as you read this synopsis of my thoughts he is still showing you that he loves even you. Jesus Loves you! He sent me to tell you. Even you yes you he loves you. Take a moment reflect on your life, Take a moment an