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Hey Friends, Sometimes you ask yourself the question, When will it be my time? When will I catch a break? Will there be ever a time when I don't always have to fight to stay above? How Long? ......... God how much Longer? When will I get that financial Break through? When will I get the sorry I so long For? When? We get so upset, Sometimes the burden seems next to impossible to bear. We have faith but our faith and our natural state of mind conflict. We believe and know what will be will be; but it gets fragmented and becomes blurred because it's not being expedited to meet our expectations.  We want what we want and we want it now. Right? Here's the mistake we always make. God's plan for us isn't always what we want or have planned for ourselves. This is why we need the leading of the Holy Spirit. We don't always know and can see what is best. Think about it do all children know what is the best choices to make? Don't they need the strong g

Sheesh! If my Vagina could talk? Just a little fun

 Hello Friends. Let's have a chuckle. If your Vagina could talk she would say she quits! Then move to the next continent. She would say. ''Honey; I have been with you a long time but you neglect me. All these years I've been right here and yet you still don't know my full potential.  She would say you take me for granted. You never treated me like the Queen I am I need your tender loving care.  Once a year you take me to some stranger for them to Scrape and poke around at me as though I was an experiment. I forgive you I know it's for the best.   Then you would have children the pressure my goodness; some big heads causing me a great deal of stress. She would say you bump and grind all over me and just as I am about to make a grand finale, epic overflow you stop. 😞 If my vagina could talk she would say she has hypertension and I am the cause.  She would say once a month you adorn me with bloomers as though something had died. and scorn me with

Good Morning,Holy Spirit, It's me again.

Hey Friends, Just a reflection Holy Spirit,  It's me again..... Thank you for dwelling in me. Thank you for interceding on my behalf. Thank you for your shield of protection over myself, family, & friends. Some say you don't exist; That simply isn't true. I feel and experience your presence every day.  You empower and strengthen me with might. You carry my cries to our father, you minister to my broken heart with love.  Holy Spirit you provide me with direction and guidance. You sanctify me and purify me. I am never alone. I thank you You equip me for war with power and the sword; and justifies without doubt. I love you. No battle is too hard that you can't win. Nothing is impossible for you. I look to you. You move upon my heart and cause me to believe. You convict my actions to keep me pure within. I am grateful. Thank you for renewing me, and for second chances, I know I have me so many mistakes. Thank you for my life and for saving

I can't make you love me if you don't.

Hey Friends.               I spent many years, trying to get this one particular person to love me. You would think that after days, weeks, months, years and decades. That eventually, their eyes would open and see that overtime I had relentlessly tried to prove my undying love for that person.  It didn't matter what I did; it was wrong, it didn't matter what I said, it was offensive, it didn't matter how I did it; even if it was exactly the way they liked it was still not sufficient. The abuse I took for perfectly pleasing that individual only to be scorned, then ridicule and deeply chastised. It hurt so much. I've been scared for life.  I remember there was an accident, I was clear from the scene. The only thing I was guilty of was being there prior. I was held guilty and full wrath was placed on poor little me. The individual upset and vengefully looked into my eyes and said. ''I despised you, I despised the floor you walk on. By the way as I got

Wellness Challenge

Hey Friends, Here's the never ending dilemma every woman/man faces. The weight challenge, too small, too big, not enough here, not enough there, too small, oh gosh! Too tight, it won't fit I can get it up, its stuck. I have had a little a bit of those incidents at least twice a month. Unless, you have  a daily regimen of waking up going to the gym, or have the finances to hire a daily personal trainer it's next to impossible to get in that workout session. It is a commitment that you are  determine to stay focus & committed to. I applaud the men and women that can skillfully do this it's inspiring. That was once myself. I now find it so difficult to motivate myself to even go hiking which I love. Yes, it's  difficult to juggle work, home, kids and family. There's just not enough time. Ladies and gents I understand society in itself doesn't make it any better either. Every magazine or tv show broadcasts the perfect size man or woman its hard to comp

Sorry didn't help.

Hey, Friends. Not every victim will get the opportunity to even hear their culprit apologize. I am one of the few.  I often thought that if  I was told sorry I  have done you wrong. Those words would make me feel better but it didn't. It's not all it's cracked up to be. It didn't do me any good. His sorry didn't help me.  He approaches me with compliments of how well I have done for myself. How beautiful are your children, how wonderful my family is and he exits the room. He approaches again. He says."You wrote me a letter many years back, I didn't know I hurt you. That wasn't my intention. I was a boy. I am a man now. I am sorry''. 14 years old, 9 months of pain, 25 years later and your sorry didn't help. I was a child, he stole from me,  he robbed me of my innocence, he stripped my power, he stripped me of my integrity and he wipe the floor with my esteem. Sorry didn't help.  Instead his sorry, started a tail sp

The nerve of this Man!

Its me again Friends Have you ever felt so heartbroken that moving forward felt like something only one could speak of?  That was me when I met this boy. He came into my life when I had taken so much heartache their was none left to even give him a piece. I was bitter, angry and scared. On so many levels this boy was led to the exit; but continued  en route. What was his agenda? Did he think that I was going to let my guard down and have him trample over me like everyone who had snatched a piece of my heart. Oh no! The nerve of this Man. I had devised a plan to escape from him and stop him head on from hurting me. It consist of every possible thing that could make someone hate you in 30 seconds. The abuse I put him through. Why was it not working? The more I tried to push him away the more he stayed consistent. He messed me all up. Something was wrong I told myself. He is not normal he has to have a mental problem. So then I formulated a plan to discover his sickness. Shucks! Noth

That difficult conversation with your child

Hello Friends. Let's cut just to the chase.   Talk to your kids. Just recently, I found myself in a really peculiar situation with my teenager; at first I didn't know how to handle it honestly. Moms & dads we don't have a handbook. We wing every thing and rely on intuition then hope for the best. I grew up in a time where parents didn't say much to their kids. We were seen but not really heard. We knew there was mom & dad and child. If they said so it was so; no questions asked. Although that approach may be good at times; it is not always suitable for every circumstance. Now, now..... Im not saying that parents shouldn't  have strong positioning when it comes to who is in charge. I am clearly saying that even the people who are in authority; can be open to listening to their subjects especially, when it can build or impair relationships. First, I thought it will blow over and I should not engage in any conversation. I should wait to see if my chi

Counting Every Blessing

Hey There! Friends We are so Blessed! If you are reading allow yourself to enjoy today; put every worry aside; because you have made it just one more day. This morning I woke up Hallelujah! God is so amazing he kept me through the seasons. He's been so good to me. Friends I've been trough some stuff & I'm! We! are still standing. From health to death, from failure to success, from losing to gaining and yet grace still holds its position. If you're going to do anything today, take time to reflect that maybe your issues are not so bad when compared to someone else going through worse than you. Take time to reflect that the position you're in at this present moment is the process go you becoming the beneficiary of a blessing. The aftermath of that process is the sweetest portion of the benefit. So............ Count your every Blessing! Look how far you've come. My husband and I went to do some shopping today when we went up to the register  the total wa

Suicide ......... What if I give tomorrow a chance?

If you stumble upon this blog, it may just simply mean perhaps it not by chance? Wait! Before you shift your focus here's what I would like to say to you.  Please give tomorrow a fighting chance. There's help out there.  I have lived through the pain you may be experiencing. Suicidal thoughts? Yes I had those!  Did I try to commit suicide yes; more than once.  I've been there too. I understand the pain, I lived through the pain. Its the overwhelming pain you feel in your heart, in your mind and deep in your soul. So much pain that you wish it was physical pain so at least you could  moan & groan to it. Hoping you can make sense of it. Its excruciating and there is no way to soothe it. No cold pack to relieve the pressure. Its hard and its hurts so bad. You're stuck between just wanting to be loved and being understood but even more the desperate loneliness of not being or having the ability to fully express what's going on without being misjudge.  We are si

Stay at home mom the choice defining my current status, and owning my circumstance.

Ironically, I find myself pouring out my inner thoughts in event that my circumstance will help someone be the best they can be. Today just a few mins ago I looked at the  joy in my child's face. It  was humbling; and it  gave me such perspective.  She will never know how she moved me, with just one look in her eyes she helped me change my attitude.   Today, I defined my status and owned my circumstance.  Let me explain not too long ago I left a career position in a large corporation, Yes, I quit! I quit not because I wanted to but because I needed to. In layman's terms babysitter drama  to say the least.   Although; being home with my kids is great; because I get to take care of them and condition them with anticipation they will become stellar adults.  I struggled; I felt as though somehow I failed, somehow I lagged behind in a world of go getters and I wasn't one of them. Truly this is how I felt. How am I going to fit into a world surrounded by such powerful wom