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The Master Manipulator

Gotcha! Master Manipulator. Ever wonder why we can't really see people's true intentions with regard to our hearts? Is it because we see them only from a face value stand point. If they smile they are friendly, if they offer you something you like they are nice, if they defend you they are loyal. Perhaps those gesture are the attributes of people who do care, but beware; be diligent with you who you let in. Be careful, with whom you share your ambitions, your fears, the matters of your household, the matters within your marriage, the matters with your children, even so the matters of your finances & more importantly; even your spirituality.  Learn this..... not everyone in your inner circle is there for you. Alike an animal waiting to kill its prey so will be the master manipulator waiting to chew you up at the right appointed time. Listen, to the people around you observed and analyze. Recognize that some people regardless of the roles they may play in your life

From struggle to hope

Hey Friends,  The struggle is so real, sometimes every single turn is some new issue, some new dilemma that needs to be addressed.  Some situation that causes some great deal of anxiety, stress. It just doesn't stop. We are jumping hurdles the minute you jump over one; shortly after there's another. Lord when will will we catch a break? Sickness, death, finances, employment, children, spouses, parents, school, car, house, neighbor, community, taxes, lust, sex, fear, anger, deceit, hypocrisy, dishonesty, infidelity..............It goes on and on.   Why must we go through such things? Here's why! God is teaching us wisdom. In the grand scheme God is teaching us to how to activate our faith and stop leaning on our own understanding. He is showing us, that all things good will come to those who wait upon him. If we choose to; these same very circumstances will be the growth of our inner spirit man. Equip and formidable to with stand the plots of the devil. Prov

Lion Kills the Cub- A lesson of humanity

Hello All, I was watching an episode of the Savage Kingdom Leopard Rock on National Geographic's           savage-kingdom-lions-leopards-hyenas  This particular scene had me so surprised. It had to do with a lioness who was hunting and found a baby leopard cub. The leopard the mother had gone off to hunt and when she returned looking for the cub she found that the lioness had captured the baby cub. The leopard approached the lioness; not in combat because somehow the leopardess knew she wasn't a formidable opponent. Any such display of aggressiveness she too would have been hunted.   Gesturing to let the lioness know she had possession of her baby cub and that she had returned to retrieve him. However,  The lioness aggressively, warned the leopardess and leopardess backed off; BUT WAIT! Here's what happen next. The lioness could have easily eaten her catch the baby cub was in her mouth; but she turned her back to the mother leopard placed the cub on the ground


Hey, Friends Daddy, daddy ,daddy, daddyyyyy I need you! Daddy am I special to you? When you see me; Am I  beautiful? Oh Daddy you wasted time. I spent years to define who I am to you. I spend years trying to  measure up to qualify to your top five qualifiable  guest to your heart. Did I get in? I see your silent strength and you loud weaknesses and yet you are still so beautiful to me. So beautiful to me. I spent my life applying your standards to my life in hopes that I will replace the void and emptiness. I spent the tender years searching for your heart; Hoping that when I found it just one touch will heal my broken heart.  Daddy did you see your little girl is fragile? Like a beautiful Tulip seeking the gentle tender loving care of her strong protector. Daddy even now will you still protect me? There's still a part of me that needs your protection. Daddy if I knock on your door would you finally acknowledge me? Would you  hold me as your baby? Would you take ca

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. The song that moved me.

Hey Friends, The other day my dear friend was explaining a situation. Even though my friend was hurting. My Friend had such beautiful faith, such hope and love for God. My friend told me that even in her sadness all that she can find to help was to sing. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. I had never heard the song, But being the hungry worshipper I am; if it speaks of the Beauty of Jesus then I want to know it. I need to sing it. I was amazed by her spirit it takes truly someone of unshakable faith to sing to God in their very season of sadness. She ministered to me.  Her words were powerful but her actions; taught me a valuable lesson about the humility of the lowly gentle Holy Spirit and how even when we are going through he still ministers to your soul to give you comfort. He was moving on her behalf when he place that song in her heart. It was to comfort her in that very moment. Her testimony of how she was getting through not only moved me. As