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The Price of Leadership

 Friends. The price of leadership is a dear cost and its transactions will result you to a zero balance weighed and measured into complete servitude yet you will be rich with wisdom. That's heavy right? Everyone aspires to be a leader.  In our own right and divinely order and purpose we are but miniature leaders. But leadership is the position where you are appointed to save guard the nourishing of others every aspect of their lives with regard to the duty of your leadership obligations. The stings of leadership are cruel without God a mere man would utterly diminish in self value and worth. You are mistreated, abused, lambaste, demoralized, disrespected and unappreciated for sure. Yet the purpose of the calling to lead and follow painfully triumphs in resolve. I believe this happens because God makes every true leader experience this to especially learn humility and the importance of love. Most evidently there are only 3 concepts to becoming a successful ministerial leader. 1- its