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Rewrite Your Story With God

Hello Friends,   Over the last few days I have been praying and fasting. During this fast the Holy Spirit reveal to me some things that I have longed awaited an answer and needed to be delivered from. I love fasting because somehow during fasting there is a heightened awareness in your spirit and a deeper intimacy with God.  When I fast I experienced my body, (my flesh) succumbing to my inner spirit man. I feel my body become weaker and my spirit man become stronger and that is the way it should be because praying and fasting is about denouncing flesh to in-tune yourself with the Holy Spirit and appeal to God for a shift in our circumstance. I encourage you if you haven't fasted that you read scriptures example (Matthew 6:16-18) and many others Google can help - pertaining to prayer and fasting and start. It is a part of your christianity that is necessary. You can rewrite your story...... I often blog about my challenges that I have faced in life and how it has been a p

How deep is your Love for God

 Hello Friends, This Morning while sitting in my prayer closet, There was a stillness in the atmosphere. In that stillness; I began to feel something I had never felt before. I was feeling all the petitions and cries I made unto God in this tiny room. I was still; In that moment I could count each and every breath I took. I remembered the depths of how many times in intercede for others. I felt my cries unto God. I felt each and every tear. They fell upon me as though they were raindrops upon my shoulders. The tears of spiritual warfare, The tears of repentance, the tears of forgiveness, the tears of sacrifice, the tears of hopelessness, the tears of Joy, the tears of victory, the tears of love, the tears of compassion, the tears uncertainty, the tears of sorrow, the tears of thanksgiving, the tears for mercy, so many tears.  Each tear I cried In the natural was on behalf of those I passionately fought and pleaded to God for. I pleaded for his mercy and for his grace; for hi

Overcoming the hurt of Rejection.

Friends;😥 Are you ready! Let's take a quick second while I get my tissues ready; and take a deep breath. First let's start here my heart is broken. I am broken; but I'm still here. After all; these things will happen right? It is life. Feeling rejection can be bitter...... So I am making a choice to face it. If I cry today, I may experience happiness tomorrow. Happiness is my future. But! Before I get there let me vent. No matter what circumstance in life or culture, or economic status disappointment is inevitable. I am heart broken because I am guilty of expecting more from someone than they can give. I am heart broken because I expected that no matter what that person/or persons did they would hold my heart with esteem and never hurt it. (This is a unrealistic expectation) you must love yourself and cherish yourSELF and know your value. Only then can one appreciate you. I believe we give individuals permission