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Before It's Too Late. ( My journey of discovering my Spiritual balance).

 Hello, Friends. It's been Awhile and boy do I have a lot to share. Let's delve in...... I don't know how I got in this predicament. But I went there. I found myself in a place where I was so confused, unsure about myself, insecure and afraid.  My walk with Christ has been the most important thing in my life. My love for God is beyond my marriage and beyond my Children. I say that not to express neglect as to my role as wife or mother; but to emphasize that I am at my best in those roles because of the love of God. Although a childhood deeply rooted in church. My Love for God ignited in a dark room in Brooklyn, New York, prepared and ready to end my life. It was the touch of the Holy Spirit that comforted me when I had given up on life. It was the mercy of God that allowed me to live. It was God choosing me; so I could in return choose him and love him.  From that day of encounter until now I have spent my entire being engulfed in the things of God. I spend and spent hours