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Go Forth Walk InTo Your Calling.

Hello Friends; I know! I know It's been awhile. This morning I heard the Holy Spirit say "Go Forth and walk into your calling" and it made me think. It was confirmation that I had longed for and the empowerment I needed to lay down brick by brick the foundations of God's calling upon my life. I have an anointing and gifts the Holy Spirit has blessed me with in my life.  I see the increase daily as I study the word and commit my life to his splendor.  The more I seek him the more my purpose is defined. It is Time. My time and I pray it is for you as well. Sometimes it's not easy when you have to launch out into the calling. Sometimes the devil is in your ear trying to devise every hindering thought that would slow you down or make you outright quit. The distractions are real  and they can be painful. It may be your husband, your children, your Job, your emotions anything quite frankly that is inherently, important to you the devil will use. But rest S