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Stay at home mom the choice defining my current status, and owning my circumstance.

Ironically, I find myself pouring out my inner thoughts in event that my circumstance will help someone be the best they can be. Today just a few mins ago I looked at the  joy in my child's face. It  was humbling; and it  gave me such perspective.
 She will never know how she moved me, with just one look in her eyes she helped me change my attitude. 
 Today, I defined my status and owned my circumstance. 
Let me explain not too long ago I left a career position in a large corporation, Yes, I quit! I quit not because I wanted to but because I needed to. In layman's terms babysitter drama  to say the least.  
Although; being home with my kids is great; because I get to take care of them and condition them with anticipation they will become stellar adults.  I struggled; I felt as though somehow I failed, somehow I lagged behind in a world of go getters and I wasn't one of them. Truly this is how I felt. How am I going to fit into a world surrounded by such powerful women with great Jobs, passions, statuses, focused and drive while trying to still have it together?......... Especially, unemployed  and limited.
I knew this would be a challenge. At least for me. What about money?  What will people  say? All kinds of things that truly aren't even relevant or even come close to what really is my reality.
 My kids need me and I need them.   I kept telling myself. They are hundreds of women who are stay at home moms they are excellent at it. I see them at my daughters schools, the soccer moms, the Brady bunch mom, the super hero mom, but quite frankly I'm neither.

 I love my kids profoundly and deeply but lack patience being all those things. Simply; it just isn't me. Yet motherhood is innate and comes with deep dedication. I have found that when I am free to be me and express and pursue my interest I can be better at the God given roles I  have been bless to be.

But.... first  I have to accept that being a stay at home mom doesn't make me a failure and doesn't make me less intelligent.  I am not a slave to my husband's every command because he is the bread winner, or that I have to lose myself being neglectful of my wants, needs, passions and desires. Oh! wait for it I am so tired of the old school notion that women were created to BE home makers; Yes we are good at it and yes some even enjoy it. But not everyday it gets old and taxing
The bible states Ecclesiastes 3 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens
 Which simply means that for this particular season being there for my children is more important than the perks of climbing the career ladder for me at this time.  Or ever. Your circumstance may differ. Of course. I have defined my status that for now my kids need me, I am not ashamed, I am not a failure, I have been given the greatest challenge in this world and that should not be taken lightly, To whom much is given much is required and it is required that I accept this responsibility without any disdain. In the mean time overcoming this simple attitude shift will be the start to growth and there is no weakness or failure in that. I am a stay at home mom very proud to be. I am not going to neglect the things that make me happy but look for a natural balance and will have fun doing so.  For the record  who cares what anyone else thinks Right? I do me, I care for my family and trust God for everything else... Hope this helps you.........
Stay tune lots to follow. Feel free to comment or if you have any suggestions positive feedback always welcomed

 If you know this blog would help someone share. Share with your groups, friends and family reach out inspire and grow.


Sister J said…
This is awesome. Being a stay at home mom is in itself a full-time job, just without the benefit of receiving cash as a paycheck. Some would say it's an unpaid job, but I say the pay is out of this world.

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