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Suicide ......... What if I give tomorrow a chance?

If you stumble upon this blog, it may just simply mean perhaps it not by chance? Wait! Before you shift your focus here's what I would like to say to you.
 Please give tomorrow a fighting chance. There's help out there.

 I have lived through the pain you may be experiencing. Suicidal thoughts? Yes I had those!  Did I try to commit suicide yes; more than once.  I've been there too. I understand the pain, I lived through the pain. Its the overwhelming pain you feel in your heart, in your mind and deep in your soul. So much pain that you wish it was physical pain so at least you could  moan & groan to it. Hoping you can make sense of it. Its excruciating and there is no way to soothe it. No cold pack to relieve the pressure. Its hard and its hurts so bad.

You're stuck between just wanting to be loved and being understood but even more the desperate loneliness of not being or having the ability to fully express what's going on without being misjudge.  We are simply surrounded by a bunch of penguins who can only can see this world in black or white...... Yup! it's all so real and all so justifiable to why we found ourselves where we are right now. Myself writing to you and you looking up suicide.
 I know you have reached a point of giving up; maybe it's that feeling of not fitting in, a bully, its parents, it spouses, substance abuse, being a victim of a horrific incident, or something even worse. I am sorry, so very sorry.

But I am not about to let you talk yourself into doing something you can never take back and that's the God given gift of your precious life. Have you ever asked yourself the question what did tomorrow do to you?  That you choose to take it away? What did hope do to you that you choose not to keep it alive?
Tomorrow is much more powerful than ending today. Tomorrow is revenge on the issue that kept you awake. Do you know?  Tomorrow is the triumph for overcoming that yesterday and today.

It's the one thing that the people who you are so afraid of or victim to cannot take. Remember hope and faith gives us the ability to expect things to change. Hebrews 11:1(KJV)Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

 Tomorrow may just be the happiest day of your life, just get through the many todays.  Yes it's easier said than lived.  Experience has taught me and I am absolutely positive that one day you will find a purpose to live. Just know there is a place where you'll find peace.  Start looking!

The night I was ready to take my life for the 2nd time I heard this whisper don't you know my grace and mercy is sufficient for you and then I felt an overwhelming peace all over me. A love that people in this world can never give me. I found my peace in God.  I found Jesus and  his holy spirit captivated my heart.
Today I am so happy and yes; occasionally my past rears its ugly head but now that I've found tools to maneuver and overcome the people and the negative thoughts. It's become my story.

A powerful one that has changed and impacted every life that is in contact with me. Finding God may not be what you are looking for but I think it's what everyone needs. Thats my opinion of course and you don't have to agree but in God I found my resolution and purpose.

What will yours be if your'e going to give up?  Find help don't hurt yourself and don't hurt others by being too reckless to consider. What if tomorrow changes everything for the best? I am learning that the things we go through good or bad only teach us. It is entirely up to us whether we use those lessons to teach or to hurt.

If you are unhappy with yourself then find why? and fix it start with therapy, if your peers are mean that's not a reflection of you, most people who find themselves mean to others is because they are just displaying there own insecurities. The cat vs the mouse the weaker trying to break down the stronger.  If your overweight lose a few pounds. I know I speak as though this is easy. I know it's not but it can be done only if you live to try. There's help, there's Hope.
Tomorrow can be different. Save your trip to help to hell and live

 Give Tomorrow a fighting chance. I believe you will over come. I believe in you

Zsa Zsah Cares................
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Please share your comments and questions.
 If you know this blog would help someone share. Share with your groups, friends and family reach out inspire and grow.


Anonymous said…
I think this save my life. I am 22 years old I have been dealing with depression. I read this article it makes me feel better about myself please don't stop writing.
Zsa Zsah said…
Hello, Thank you so much for your response. I am so happy to hear that this helped you. At 22 you have your whole life ahead of you and so much can change for the best. As God gives me direction I will continue to write. Find yourself a local church that maybe a good support for you. And stay hopeful. Simply ZsaZsah

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