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The Master Manipulator

Gotcha! Master Manipulator.
Ever wonder why we can't really see people's true intentions with regard to our hearts? Is it because we see them only from a face value stand point. If they smile they are friendly, if they offer you something you like they are nice, if they defend you they are loyal. Perhaps those gesture are the attributes of people who do care, but beware; be diligent with you who you let in.

Be careful, with whom you share your ambitions, your fears, the matters of your household, the matters within your marriage, the matters with your children, even so the matters of your finances & more importantly; even your spirituality.

 Learn this..... not everyone in your inner circle is there for you. Alike an animal waiting to kill its prey so will be the master manipulator waiting to chew you up at the right appointed time. Listen, to the people around you observed and analyze.

Recognize that some people regardless of the roles they may play in your life can be dangerous to the affection of your heart. (Meaning, father, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, clergy, teacher/ professor, church family, landscaper etc no relationship excluded) Any one can be a master manipulator.

 Recently, I was having  some difficulty processing some information I had acquired. Although I received that information it didn't sit well with me. I just knew that my inner self was very uncomfortable with it. My response to it was cautious because I have learned not to be hasty at somethings. Instincts took over and for this scenario I took a step back.  I look attentively,  I listen carefully and observed.

 The master manipulator was rearing their ugly head and invisible to the person; I was seeing loud and clear. Wow! How could I be so dumb not seeing; that someone was trying to play me like a fiddle to their appeasement.

However; with the kind of life I've lived I was able to identify it. Not at first at all; but as I tuned in later I started to recognize what was happening. In this case I caught on early but how disappointed I am.

You see; when the master manipulator wanted something I had to offer; well I was as sweet  AS THE NECTAR of a peach in the prime of its season. Oh the lyrics to that individual's  song was melodious to my ears and I was dancing.

 Not realizing that I was being intoxicated with the deceit of their venom;
But then; they said one thing that is so familiar to every master manipulator.  Have you guys noticed that most people who are manipulative have this one trait?

Master manipulators are incapable of keeping promises.

They will make them all day long but not once can they ever keep them.  I knew there and then, this individual should not be trusted this was my confirmation to be cautious.

Slowly, I will phase that individual out of my life. I will not give anyone an opportunity to destroy everything I have worked to protect.

Scripture tell us 1 Peter 5:8 King James Version (KJV)

8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

 That evil spirit will use just about any weakling to do his bidding and without compassion will hurt you beyond what you can fathom. If you let them.

 This is why a spirit of discernment is necessary to our walk with Christ because in that moment of that attack. The Holy Spirit will utter the warning within your spirit.If you lack discernment.  Pray. Pray also for the people in your lives.

I personally pray and ask God to scatter any weapon used to harm me, my family, my walk with him, and I do it daily to remind the Holy Spirit that I will constantly need his intervention in my life and my relationships.

We don't live in a world by ourselves and yes we do need each other, Yes they are people who will come into your life with good intentions. Some will be for a moment and a season and some will be there for the long haul.

However there are some folks that will monitor your very activity in lieu to destroy you. You must be on your guard. A true relationship is past gestures and pleasantries. Look, listen, analyze, observe and be led by the Holy Spirit. Becareful..........

Matters of the heart
 Simply Zsa Zsah

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Anonymous said…
This was good madam Zsa this really open my eyes. Man this really made me think you are deep. I just started reading and every thing i've read so far has me self reflecting. I'm not christian but some of these readings inspire me maybe in the new year I might try church. Thanks for sharing.
Zsa Zsah said…
Thank you for your kind words. Truly I am happy that you have been inspired. Think church is a good start for the New year find yourself a nice bible based church and I pray you will have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
Best wishes Zsa Zsah

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