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Getting thru discouragement


It has been a difficult few weeks. It seems as though every war on the face of the nation was happening in my mind and in the four corners of bedroom especially at night. When all is still and I have no other choice but to think. Oh I cried, I was so hurt, I was so disappointed. Standing on the hope that I always blog to you all about. Slowly; that hope felt as though it was fading and the more I vented to my dear pal; the more deeply vested my pain became. The things I so love to do I felt distancing and I was becoming disconnected. Pulling away from things and people because of the familiar feeling hurt. Bad enough if you hurting but why hurt more if in some way you can avoid it.

Sometimes; if you step away and look back you can see things clearly, and sometimes you start to see who is truly a friend or foe. Sometimes; the people who are knitted in your inner circle that claim so much to love you instead of encouraging you; they find themselves conjuring up manufactured dilemmas and situations far from any intent you would ever have. In some instance they too become a source of you becoming even more discouraged.So quick to assume instead of praying you thru. However, to be fair they are probably going thru just the same. To busy in their own realm of issuance unable to reach you or help you.

 If you find yourself where I am. I am sorry. Sorry you are hurting. Someday all in due time there is a huge life lesson God will reveal to you and me and then it will all make sense and serve its purpose.

The hurt you feel I understand. Although you cannot see how God is working. Know that God loves you and he is about to bless you beyond your pain and your elevation is going to be the power impactful shift that transforms your life beyond what you can even imagine.

Remember the widow and the two mites in the Bible this woman went into the synagogue, In that place they had people who were wealthy and they gave huge amounts  of gifts and offerings to the treasury they were so consumed by pride and quantity.  Then here comes this woman in poverty with only two mites and not the insect the coin. That was all she had to give; her only mites all that she even had to offer; her sacrifice was immeasurable beyond any boastful and loud affectionate contributions made. This puny sacrifice, silly to others but meaningful to her and God. 

Read Luke 21 NKJV Large Print Personal Size Reference Bible, Brown LeatherTouch

God saw this sacrifice from deep within. He acknowledged this woman in all her efforts.
 Sometimes people get clouded by pride and lack humility sometimes in they're effort to prove themselves approved they minimize the little greatness you have offered.  It's a robbery of the heart.

When you intents come from deep within from a place of love and truth and of good will God will always honor it. When your'e discouraged and hurt because the situations and people around you dig daggers into your heart.

Focus on God. Focus on how God is the only one that truly understands and  he will comfort you. Focus on why it's important to seek him.  Resort to pray and fasting. Resorting to bellowing your sorrow to him. Focus On God's Love.

We spend so much time waiting and wanting validation from others; when we know that they are incapable of even validating themselves. No one person in this world has the power to break you unless you let them.

If they hurt you let them know and move on.  Try quickly to forgive; because satan is prepared to overwhelm you with that pain every day until you start to hate, resent and eventually disconnect you from your God given calling. Know this. Behind every closed door a new one opens, after every no there must be a yes to follow, even in rejection there is acceptance and after the pain wears joy takes its place.

You wouldn't want that hurt and resentment lead you straight to hell right?

The only way to get thru the disappointment is to focus on what's truly important. That is you taking care of you as best as you can.
Always safe guarding the Holy Spirit within you.
God will see that hurt and one day he will turn that sorrow to joy. I promise he will.

Focus my friend........ Prayer and fast......... SEEK direction from Holy spirit but  what ever you do stay focus.  Encourage yourself in the Lord.
 Try God in all things.

Part 2 to follow----------

Encouraging you
Simply Zsa Zsah

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Anonymous said…
Oh my Word! This is a gift from God to me. I have been dealing with some issues lately, with my failing health and in my relationship with my husband who just told me he wants to separate after 34 years of marriage. I felt like I was going to just lose it and then I stumbled on this snippet of hope. I am blessed by your words of encouragement. Thank you. Please continue to share.

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