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Are you Dead, Alive, Faithful or Lukewarm?

 Revelation Chapter 3 Synopsis.

Over the past few weeks I have been experiencing some challenges and getting some revelations about the church, who we are,  and how we should be towards each other. I acknowledge I have made a few mistakes in the past but I know better now so I will do better. I am forgiven.

Wherever I went I was being told about church or speaking about it. Even my Bishop preached a two part sermon about the importance of encouraging each other and how you and I are the church. So I wanted to touch a little on Revelation chapter 3

Let's start here..........................

What is your role in the body of Christ?
Where are you in your walk with Christ?
Are you growing?
What is your Vision or Purpose?
Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?
What is your Ministry?
What have you done for God lately?

You see Sardis the dead church was categorized as a church that appeared alive but was dead. You know there are some members that will religiously go to church every Sunday, attend every event at church but beyond a physical presence there is no fruit bearing. Their walk with christ has been replaced with nothing but emptiness. This is dangerous folks! Unless these persons remember how they first received God, hold fast to him and repent. That is the way they can renew the little strength that remains.  If the individual doesn't 

God will come upon them like a thief in the night without any notice. If they are not found not worthy on that day their name will be blotted out of the Book of Life. It's time to ask yourself Am I alive or a dead Christian?

The Faithful Church. Philadelphia. This is the church that had so little strength but with what they had they continued to be faithful they held true to the word of God and they never denied God. They keep the commands of God and they persevered. God spoke a blessing a promise upon their life the church that what ever door is open to them no one can ever shut. My Lord! Glory to God! If you are that type of christian that can still praise God in the storm, in the drought, in the good and the bad times. If your'e faithful in and out of season the Lord is going to open a door from heaven and all that is to be added unto you is yours to claim it. One grand day you will wear your crown and you will be a pillar in the temple of God in the new Jerusalem. I encourage you if you are the example of a Philadelphia Church Hold fast God is with you.

The Lukewarm Church...........Laodicea  This Christian, This church as the Bible describes is neither hot or cold.  This christian believes God goes to church every now and then but chooses still to have un-marital sex, getting drunk, fornicating, being unforgiving, neglecting their anointing, they disobey the voice of the Lord, and have compromised the word to fit self gratifying pleasures.  They have been hurt by other lukewarm christians and have backslided etc. They have been separated from God and have become worldly. They have denied spiritual food and has grown complacent because they are afraid to launch out in the calling of God.

They lack faith and the works of their hands are unmerited.They want full time blessings with part time service. If this christian is you? You are in desperate trouble; you need to take immediate action. Get back to God while you have time. Repent! Judgement is an inevitable truth and will come to us all. Acknowledge God Today! You have become, blind, naked and miserable and God will vomit you out of his mouth.

Invite Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior. If you have become lukewarm I pray you repent, confess your sins before God, seek him and you will find him. God Loves you so much! You mean something to Him, He cares for you. He alone can give you rest. God is peace!

Get yourself a Bible so you can meditate on the word both day and night, 2 Timothy 2:15, KJV: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Find yourself a Bible based, Holy Ghost filled church and pursue God relentlessly.

 God is waiting; he is waiting to chasten you and rebuke you. He wants you unblemished.He alone can correct your path. Jesus loves and cares for you. One day when you are ready to knock on the door he will open it unto you. If you can overcome the lukewarmness you reward is to sit with God upon the Throne.

If you are a lukewarm christian?

Take a moment to ask God to revive you again. I pray fresh fire to fall upon you. I pray you will not grow weary or tired but that you will mount up like wings of eagles and soar my brother my sister. I pray what has been sent forth to you to distract you from God will be destroyed in Jesus Mighty Great Name! Seek ye first the kingdom of God  and his righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.  All good things!  Be a Matt 6:33 Christian. Bless his Holy name in every aspect of your life.

Be watchful friends God is not a God that he will lie His word will be fulfilled. This is a time to reflect on you life, This is a time to get right with God put down you idols,  Replace them with the armor of God. If you love something more than God it's an idol. He is a real and jealous God. I encourage you to be faithful In your walk with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the best thing that has happen to me I absolute know he will be the best thing that happens to you. Be alive and on burning hot fire For the Lord; never wavering in faith and God will pour out his Spirit upon you and bless you beyond measure.

Considered yourself Warned
Simply Zsa Zsah

I love you!

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