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Overcoming the hurt of Rejection.


Are you ready! Let's take a quick second while I get my tissues ready; and take a deep breath.

First let's start here my heart is broken. I am broken; but I'm still here. After all; these things will happen right? It is life. Feeling rejection can be bitter......

So I am making a choice to face it. If I cry today, I may experience happiness tomorrow. Happiness is my future. But! Before I get there let me vent.

No matter what circumstance in life or culture, or economic status disappointment is inevitable. I am heart broken because I am guilty of expecting more from someone than they can give.

I am heart broken because I expected that no matter what that person/or persons did they would hold my heart with esteem and never hurt it. (This is a unrealistic expectation) you must love yourself and cherish yourSELF and know your value. Only then can one appreciate you. I believe we give individuals permission to treat us the way they do.

Yes! I am fragile. Aren't we all in one way or another. Despite many struggled victories under my belt. I let one slip through and now I am left to face it. I am facing it because my survival requires me to deal with it within me. Yes! it hurts deeply. But In the midst of pain I will never accept defeat or failure or ever think less of myself. 

God made me and I was fearfully and wonderfully created. So I will go through the emotions of the situation and press on being better than I ever been.

Weeping may endure for a night; but joy cometh in the morning Psalms 30:5

Realistically, you can't ever get familiar with being rejected, heartbroken or disappointed
NO one likes pain either.
We get so invested in people and situations sometimes; that we dive right in and disregard all the tell tale warning signs; and that's when it happens! Those dear to you or so we thought; and those circumstances that we fully involved ourselves in; gives us a devastating blow to heart and leaves our minds scrambling. The person/s you least expect does the unthinkable. How devastating!

Good news.....................

 God loves to mend Broken vessels.
Broken Hearts are God's Specialty. He's an expert in rejection. He knows how to save you  
                   For example.........

 Joseph in the bible was hated by his brothers, just because he found favor with his father; and had a special gift his brothers took him and traded him to the Egyptians. In Egypt he was recognized for his gift, thrown into prison for being lied upon by the king's wife.
Yet even in his prison cell God Granted favor with the chief officer so much favor that eventually; His gift made way for him. Joseph became honorable amongst men; chief of administration to the king and kingdom and awarded title of wisest of all men in Egypt.

 He(Joseph) was rejected by his very own brothers. Those brothers now had to travel a distance to unknowingly; ask for his help. Among all the men; and all the cities only he was able produce them grain in order to survive due to a famine. Take note the rejected one is now the one that has control over their very survival. Isn't that ironic! don't ya think! The stone that the builder refuse will become the head cornerstone. Can I get a Halleujah!

So how does this piece of information help me/us? Here's how. Everything that has happened in your life  is simply for experience and is the price of living. If you can survive one heartache brace yourself you can others. Now here's the difference pay attention to what you have been through and take time to evaluate before you make that painful lesson a reoccurrence. Use wisdom! We are human and our flesh has been prone to fall into our sin nature.

This is why a walk with God is so necessary we have to make a dedicated decision to fight our impulses, by putting our flesh into subjection; believe me its especially hard, but not impossible.
 Philippians 4:13 King James Version (KJV)
13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
We have to execute discernment and seek the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be led In all things and until you have consulted with God.Wait! Analyze and pursue when God gives you the ok.

Red Flags are important stop ignoring them and making excuses for then. Stop It! When you have that moment to escape that poor judgement action run as though the building is on fire. Most accidents can be avoided if one looks, listen, and obeys and so with matters regarding your heart the methodology is the same. I recently; truly understand this saying. If it doesn't feel right. It's not right! and this statement is true to every last syllable.

Here's what God revealed to me.

When the Holy Spirit speaks to you he speaks in absolute truth, He speaks holy and righteous because he alone is Holy and righteous, He speaks only in what is right. When he speaks you know its right because it's simply feels right and you know without any doubt it's right. Even if you are unwilling to abide with what he says; it's still right. Amen!  So then the Holy Spirit will never be apart in something that feels wrong. If you walk in truth you will know the difference.
Right is anything in agreement to the word of God. Hint! The Bible.

Fyi Self gratification is a sin we were created to please God! It's that deep read Gal5-19, 1 corinthians 10:13, 1 john2:16, 1 peter 2:11 and they are many other scriptures.

SEEK GOD. Be led by the Holy Spirit.
Never back down from what is the right thing to do.
Put flesh under subjection.
Wait on God to make you the head cornerstone.

You are treasures to the Kingdom of God.

Sometimes that rejection; may be the best solution and sometimes it can save you from something worse.

Be better at being the best you can be. Any Consolation Jesus was rejected.
He holds the world in his hands.

 Take your beating and move on to better.

From rejection to favor
Simply Zsa Zsah

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