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Rewrite Your Story With God

Hello Friends,

 Over the last few days I have been praying and fasting. During this fast the Holy Spirit reveal to me some things that I have longed awaited an answer and needed to be delivered from. I love fasting because somehow during fasting there is a heightened awareness in your spirit and a deeper intimacy with God. 

When I fast I experienced my body, (my flesh) succumbing to my inner spirit man. I feel my body become weaker and my spirit man become stronger and that is the way it should be because praying and fasting is about denouncing flesh to in-tune yourself with the Holy Spirit and appeal to God for a shift in our circumstance. I encourage you if you haven't fasted that you read scriptures example (Matthew 6:16-18) and many others Google can help - pertaining to prayer and fasting and start. It is a part of your christianity that is necessary.

You can rewrite your story...... I often blog about my challenges that I have faced in life and how it has been a process in overcoming. I also expressed that without the love grace and mercy of God I would not be alive and passionately loving and serving God the way I do.

 I have seen the transformation of how God has saved me from a dark place. From suicide, to being a sexually abused, to being insecure, from miscarriage, bad relationships, From alcoholism, from sickness  from the toxicity of people and if I think harder I'm sure I missed 3 or 4 other situations.

By the way I have no shame about my past it has molded me to the stronger, wiser and dynamic Women of God I am Yes! I am saved, I have been renewed and God is with me.  My past is not in control of who I AM TODAY. Moving along.......

Something marvelous happened to me after this fast. This particular fast was special it was different. The mounted up warfare prayer I released was different than the many I prayed before. While I was fasting and praying for My church the strongholds of my life were being dismantled Hallelujah!

The very last day of the fast I experienced a euphoria; it was the joy of the Lord. I knew that God had move on my behalf, on MY church behalf and that I was never going to be the same. When some of  the members and myself gathered at church together to pray, celebrate and break the last day of fast.

My Bishop Joshua Annan of Kings House Church spoke a blessing over our lives he also gave us communion which was also very powerful. This communion I could never forget because the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong I new that as we part take in the body and blood in remembrance to Jesus Christ that God was going to move mightily in our lives.

This communion was so powerful. That Even to this hour I can still feel the liquid flowing slowly with my veins it feels as though it is fermenting within my organs. I am blessed to have a Bishop that is so  Heavenly connected and anointed and that he invests his time to see you grow and help you grow and be led and used by God. It is a major encouragement, he is humble and kind and truly understands the power of collaboration and unity. I am blessed to be one of his sheep in God's pasture.

So here is when it happened; My Bishop said when we get home after we had communion he said to go home get a bucket or use your shower and pray that your past will no longer stand in the way of your future or something like that. I came home; I was obedient put my kids to bed and I went into the shower I started thanking God for everything that had taken place in the communion. I started to pray I asked the Holy Spirit as the water came over me that everything in my past; that has hindered my future that it be washed away that the hurt, the pain, the post traumatic stress, the insecurity, the hinderances be washed away,

As the water fell on my Body I felt heaviness shed off of me. I was wailing in the spirit as all these things that I held on washed away. I felt it roll off my back onto my legs in to the drain underneath me, My past sins, my new sins, my past, my past, my past it was washed away; something had left me and it went down my shower drain.

There was another level of peace and boldness that I felt THAT was unlike anything I felt or could explain. I felt God took my old story washed it away and rewrote it with his Blood.


God saved me from the remnants of my past. My past was no more. My story was rewritten The Holy Spirit Rewrote my story. There is no fear or insecurity or anger or shame in my new story, I feel joy, boldness, love, peace, and the best is to come because God made it brand new.

2 Corinthians 5:17(NKJV)
17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

I don't know who this is for today, But God can rewrite your story. Will you allow him? God can give you Joy; fullness of Joy. Will you accept him?
 He alone can return what has been stolen from you. Will You let him in?
God alone can make you brand new. He is waiting

Jesus Christ has some living water ready to pour it out on you; to make you whole again. He's has Given you his body broken for you and his blood he shed just for you. You mean so much to him. He's waiting. He calls your name,  he knows your past yet still loves you the same. He wants to rewrite your old story? Come to Jesus. Come to Jesus. Come

If you need prayer send us your request.

Brand NEW!
Simply ZsaZsah.


Anonymous said…
To God Be the Glory!
I Know for sure this is a result of your faithfulness - daily - as you rise up early in the morning to seek the face of God. You do this in your prayer closet through praise and worship, through fasting, and interceding for others.

Your labor of love is not in vain. Stay humble before God as he continues to exalt you.

The blood of Jesus Christ is strong enough to remove the shame and guilt of all our pasts (if we allow him to). There is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

Your Sister in Christ,
Jenny M

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