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Fight all your battles with Prayer.

Hello Friends.

Day after day, moment by moment and season by season I have seen the importance of praying to God. I truly understand that a moment in total surrender and communication to the Holy Spirit is the most effective way to fight any issue in your life. Pray changes all things.

It works in conjunction with faith, belief, the blood of Jesus, the power and the might of the Holy  Spirit and the answering of God. Prayer is the communication between God and man.  The spirit of man appealing to the Holy Spirit. Within that conversation you make your earthy request known to God never neglecting the reverence, honor, and the glorifying of our Heavenly Father. In the realm of our prayers what is being mended, dismantle, bonded and set free upon earth is being loose and bounded in heaven on your behalf. The Armies of Heaven are on guard awaiting orders to fight in the spirit for the survival and needs of your soul against every demonic spirit and assignment.

While praying you can intercede for others while getting prophesy, revelations, directions, warning and instruction from the voice of the Holy Spirit for the matters concerning your life. It is important. Pray is an intimacy with God that only you and Abba Father share. What's most exciting for me is knowing that no one on this earth can rob me of the intimacy between myself and God. It's deeply rooted in love and sacrifice.

Pray is how we can effectively wage a war against the darts of the devil knowing that we will triumph  in victory because the one to whom we pray is El Shaddai, Elohim, El Elyon, Jehovah Jireh. The Protector and master of provision for all our needs. He is qualified to help us overcome in sickness, death, struggle, heartache, brokenness, attack, obsession, addiction, need, desire and trouble.

He is the creator; and is exceptionally great in giving you full access to love, joy, peace, hope, prosperity and everything good; but you have to be able to seek him whole heartedly so that you may find him. He is ready to hear your cries, your praises, your worship, your request, your thanks.

In the moment when the trials and troubles of this life are beyond your control. This is when prayer and fasting is fundamentally imperative. Although some things in life you may want to control we have to be VERY wise, very sensitive in the spirit that our actions don't cause us to sway from the light of God or that our actions may not cause one sin or we ourselves fall deeply into sin.
Fight every battle in prayer and supplication.

Safeguard your issues and be careful not to disclose your cares over your families lives and your life with manipulative and deceptive people. Who will prey upon your shortcomings for their benefit and agenda. Talk to the one who you know you can trust. Pray and cease not until the break through comes. Fight on your knees apply the word of God and you will succeed.    

Fight all your battles in prayer! Then watch God masterfully work it out. Break through must happen.


Simply Zsa Zsah

Send in your prayer Requests.


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