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You Shall Overturn, Overturn, Overturn

Hello, Friends

 I spent the night wrestling in deep thought about some news I receive during the day. One day everything was great and within a few days everything broke down and abruptly stopped. Still I'm bless and always will be.

In the natural eye most would say that's life and so it is. But because my eyes spiritually are wide open I am apt to thinking that when things interrupt the flow of the day two things are taking place the Lord is requiring your attention. Or Satan is trying to invoke havoc. Either way I am at attention. 

This is a crucial time. Time to be very diligent and very sensitive spiritually. Look, listen, pray and discern out of the shadows the mystery will reveal itself.  Whatever you do pray. Pray radical prayers. Harder, stronger, heated prayers. Hot enough to penetrate the realms of heaven and pierce through any hindering spirit sent to block that prayer.

Time to Fight------- On your knees this is *important*

 1- Let God know you rest assuredly in him and seek his will in your life. Above all else! Tell our heavenly Father that you await his direction, surrender all and trust solely in him. Earnestly seek and speak with him.
2- Pray that radical prayer that shakes hell and alert every evil audience that with the power of the Holy Spirit rooted deep within you; by fire and by force all attack and weapons fashioned against you cannot prevail. In the realm of spirit and in the natural no harm will come to thee. 
3- Put all demonic trespassers and invaders on notice- we put a demand and supernatural decree out "Step away from our anointing, our family, our church, our relationships, our finances, our obligations and our health".
 Evict every demon. Blow the horn of battle loud and clear declaring I overturn, we overturn,  our angels who defend on our behalf Overturn.

Back to sender. Boomerang

Every evil plot is now cancel, voided, returned back to sender and stamped with the resurrected Blood of the Lamb and the Grace of our father. Amen.

Draw the sword, draw the Battle line and Overturn.

 Ezekiel 21 verse 27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Defend, counter attack, but what ever you do Overturn, Overturn, Overturn. Until the Glory of the Lord is evident. Take the blow, take the whipping, but Overturn, rise up. Stress weighing you down overturn with a praise, family pressures overturn with the word, doctor give bad report overturn with pray and fasting, financial obligations seem grim overturn with a sacrifice worthy for heaven.

Draw your artilary

Cover yourself with Blood of Jesus
Anoint your head with Oil
Draw the sword of the Spirit.  Use Bible scripture to speak it into existence
Pray and intercede never ceasing
Use your pray language it's essential. The mystery and mastery of it reaches the realms of heaven and confuses evil spirits.
Avail your self to the fire of the Holy Ghost as the fire defends so let it purge you within
Reach for higher dimensions of wisdom, understanding, humility and  discernment to understand where what and why the dilemma is happening. One day you will need to share it with another to exalt God and encourage another.
Overturn, with your hands what is invisible to eyes is evident in Spirit. 
Point of contact prayer and symbolize overturning. Is testament of our faith. 
Be led by Holy Spirit.

Don't Complain
Never accept failure, defeat or poor report and distraction is and excuse.
Overturn with authority.
Overturn with Worship.
Overturn in Love.
Until God shows himself and gives the final Answer.
Until then Overturn, Overturn, Overturn

Simply Yours,
Simply Zsa Zsah.
Staying Heaven Bound



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