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The Price of Leadership


The price of leadership is a dear cost and its transactions will result you to a zero balance weighed and measured into complete servitude yet you will be rich with wisdom.

That's heavy right? Everyone aspires to be a leader.  In our own right and divinely order and purpose we are but miniature leaders. But leadership is the position where you are appointed to save guard the nourishing of others every aspect of their lives with regard to the duty of your leadership obligations.

The stings of leadership are cruel without God a mere man would utterly diminish in self value and worth. You are mistreated, abused, lambaste, demoralized, disrespected and unappreciated for sure.

Yet the purpose of the calling to lead and follow painfully triumphs in resolve. I believe this happens because God makes every true leader experience this to especially learn humility and the importance of love. Most evidently there are only 3 concepts to becoming a successful ministerial leader. 1- its the overwhelming Guidance of God. 2- Love. 3- Humility. You will never succeed if these 3 things you lack and if you're not cautiously self evaluating to make sure you're in operation of these concepts you will die a slow spiritual death that is if the people you are leading don't kill you first. 

Let's break these concepts down.

Gods Guidance-  As a former corporate manager, I was equip and trained with a mind set and skill that aided in the growth and productivity of my staff. Some with hands on experience and personal development. But the core of every sucessful corp manager lies in how effectively he can execute the companies rules and regulations maintaining strong healthy compliance.

With ministry it's not that easy. Gods wisdom sometimes is beyond our humanly understanding but its accuracy saves lives. Our first goal is to be available to the teaching and the leading of the Holy Spirit keeping your ears clear, eyes open and mouth speaking to him. Knowing that he knows all things best and knowing that he is the author and finisher of our faith. 

Quite frankly, he owns the blueprint to the foundation of each person we lead it would be unwise to follow another. Don't you think? However, studying the Bible also is important; the revelations and the examples of the epistles, kings, prophets jews and gentiles give great insight and understanding. They will help you navigate the wounds of your duty. You will find in the moments of great conflict. God and his word which is he. Will be you greatest defense and asset. It will juggernaut any opposing force every single time.

Love- oh Boy! There will be days (plural) where you would love to just hate them all. I suppose it sounds nicer to say days when you just can't stand some folks all day long....... Yup! the truth will set you free. But as children of God we will fall short of the heavenly inheritance. God promise to the righteous. So hatred is a no no. We have to find a place where we leave our emotions safely secured that it doesn't inflict pain to the ones God entrusted us with. We have to put a bandage on our deep cut and throw on the garment of love overwhelmingly.

 Its a hard thing to love past pain. But if you remember Jesus and what he did on calvary for sinful undeserving man. Well there! you find your consolation. Forgive quickly as christ forgives us, then pray, then look for the positive thing in the situation and ride on that until you have your resolve. keeping in mind that resolve in ministry is never like a microwave dinner it may take years before a single ounce of relief is in site but God knows best. Trust him allow him to be your only anchor. Let his love source you to love as he does for us. Its easier to write than express but practice makes perfect and if you try God will strengthen you by force and by his Holy Fire. He never leaves those whom he has choosen.

Humility- I have learned that humility sometimes looks like defeat. WHEN you are being bash up against a stone and you want to retaliate it's that humbleness that causes restraint. Listen carefully humility seems like defeat but its not at all it's victory a million times over and the incense of it moves Gods hand and touches his heart. Humility saves lives especially yours. Now pay attention. Imagine the times someone has done you wrong. Do you remember the anger and hurt you feel? Imagine that when they were coming at you; with all you knowledge you have, all the power you have, and all the energy you posses think of the result if you strike them a blow in the heat of the moment. 

The repercussion of that incident would have a negative domino effect all over your ministry and it won't just affect you; but the impact would damage everything around you. Including the ones most fragile and the one you hold very close. Humility saves lives even the ones that harm you but more importantly; it saves you from sudden tormented spiritual death. Be very quick to say Im sorry and run to the altar and find solace there.Grace and mercy will always find you at the altar of submission. Always know a true winner is the one who stays humble. Proverbs 17:28 says Even a fool when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding. This scripture I love so much. It has help me. Its revelation is profoundly deep. 

Ministerial Leadership it will cost you- it will strip you of pride, ego and the challenge to maintain your esteemed will often be on the ballot. But Ive learned that great is the Jesus Christ in you who has equipped you with the qualifications and dimensions to overcome. He has taken the lowly of men. Sheepherders he has used and turned them into warriors,  he's groomed minors to kings, a hebrew girl into womenhood to queen, cast away to governor and orphan to part red seas. Is there anything too hard for our God?

I close here I will be a liar if I told you leadership is easy. It's not. The bruises on our heartS are often beyond earthly repair. But in God's eyes he sees those hearts and he nourishes our pain with his relentless love. He heals brokenness with a divine, internal, supernatural balm and he places our heart in his hands and he tenderly molds it together. What's more beautiful than that. 

God told me in my meditation to always remain mindful in every atmosphere in life and every circumstance. Special people, peculiar people he will choose for leadership not because they have any perfected talent and skill. But that they have the heart of Jesus to bear the cross with him, die with him and rise in 3 days. Holy Spirit said to me I hand pick you because in little you are faithful and with the little you have I will give you the hand to push through the mountains.

God trusts every leader not to be astute to the followers but to be faithful to him first. Knowing he can trust you to empty hell and fill heaven even with the pierce to the side, the nail in the hands the crown of thorns they put on your head, even as they mock you to shame. He knows you will still remain his. Where God placed you; man can never overthrown you. So go with God rise on the 3rd day and be faithful to God the rest will follow. Yes the price is dear but the reward is heavenly beyond description. Serve with a grateful heart.

God guided,  Spirit lead, in love and humility.

Simply Zsa Zash


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